Personalised Disaster Recovery plans to ensure your company performs at its maximum uptime

Protect Your Company's Data

An IT disaster is an unplanned event that occurs and causes a devastating interruption of normal IT business processes. This then results in the disruption of the company's IT Infrastructure as it stands, as well as the company itself. The Disaster Recovery plan acts to minimise the downtime of IT processes in your business by retrieving the data and information that has been imaged.

Included Services

  • Daily Data Backups
  • Data Virtualisation
  • Data Recovery

Benifits of services

  • Loan Server Available
  • Quick Recovery Times
  • No Hidden Charges

Virtualisation of your server platform is an essential part of a successful Disaster Recovery plan. With crucial servers covered and imaged, data can be restored on nearly any hardware platform. Standby Servers can also be included in your disaster recovery plan to ensure swift resolution and total peace of mind. Our goal is to get your IT system operational in the quickest possible time so that your business functions can continue as normal.